Shaping Charleston’s Global Future

Charleston County Economic Development

In Charleston County, South Carolina, we’re all about preserving history, but we’re determined to write an even better version of it moving forward. Charleston County is an incubator for entrepreneurial invention; it’s the place where incredible vision is conceptualized; the very spot ideas turn into investments. Fueled by a talented workforce, strategic coastal location, and enviable quality of life, it comes as no surprise why people from around the world choose Charleston County. LEARN MORE

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Business Concierge Program

Are you starting or expanding a company in Charleston County, SC? The Business Concierge program is dedicated to ensuring your business needs are met while helping you realize your business goals.

National Rankings

In 2022, South Carolina came in #3 for top states for doing business. Find more rankings that set us apart.

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Shaping Charleston's Global Future

Charleston County Economic Development is more than economic development, it is helping to define our culture, how the stories of the past and present collide, and how we use these intertwined pieces to shape a global economy.

Charleston Tech - Our Time is Now

Since 2001, Charleston’s tech economy has grown from 18 companies to more than 450 companies today.

million sq. ft. of rentable building area office space
US. mid-sized metro area
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million in
capital investment 2022