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Success Stories

Success Stories: CodeLynx

Success Stories: Charles River Labs

The Charles River Labs team in the West Ashley section of Charleston has been producing and selling limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) reagent since the early 1990s. This product is used around the world for the detection of environmental pyrogens—any type of substance that, when it enters the blood stream of an animal or person, causes fever. Detecting these contaminants in manufactured pharmaceuticals is vital for the safety of the patients who will eventually use them.

We produce the LAL reagent from the blood of horseshoe crabs. Their blood responds uniquely to contaminants such as pyrogens, and it is because of that special adaptation that we can produce LAL reagent from them, taking some blood from the animals and releasing them, unharmed, back into the wild.

It is the horseshoe crab that makes Charleston an attractive place to do business for Charles River, as this area has one of the most robust populations of this creature in the world. In addition, Charleston County has provided tax incentives that make it an economically friendly place to do business. These incentives have helped us invest in buildings, equipment, and an ever-increasing workforce to help us grow our business. We have a fascinating business, and we are thankful that Charleston County has been there to support us along the way!

– John Dubczak, Operations Manger, Charles River Labs

Success Stories: UEC Electronics

UEC Electronics (UEC) was founded in 1995 in Charleston, SC, with 5 employees and a 2500 square foot facility.  Over the years, UEC has expanded its engineering, rapid prototyping and lean, innovative manufacturing capabilities to require four facilities in the Low Country, comprising over 80,000 square feet and employing over 200 personnel.

Initially, UEC provided cable and box build assemblies to the industrial market, primarily the trucking industry.   Today, UEC Electronics is an award-winning, ISO 9001 and AS 9001 registered woman-owned, small business that serves the military, aviation, commercial, and industrial markets.  UEC specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic/electro-mechanical systems, subsystems, and components to include circuit card assemblies (CCA’s), wire harness & cable assemblies, complex box builds, up through large scale multi-rack functional test equipment.  Current customers include SPAWAR, MARCORSYSCOM, Boeing, Robert Bosch, Raytheon, Cummins Turbo Technologies, BAE, CGI, L3, ITT, Parker Aerospace and Fuji.

South Carolina has been the ideal place to both start and grow a business.  Early on we established a strong relationship with Charleston County which provided excellent support throughout the various stages of our growth and expansion.  In 2001 we added two facilities in Berkeley County where we have achieved the same success and support.  Both counties have facilitated collaboration and synergy between other counties in South Carolina, resulting in continued growth and future expansion for UEC.

South Carolina offers companies a business friendly environment, an educated and skilled workforce (traditional and non-traditional educational institutions), mature logistical enablers (road, rail, port and air), and a comprehensive industrial base, all wrapped in the Southern Charm that South Carolina is well known for.

-Rebecca Ufkes, President, UEC Electronics