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Life Sciences

With the Medical University of South Carolina, 35 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, and over 50 research and development labs, Charleston has become a hub for bio-science and medical research.

“South Carolina is a hub of innovation due to the state’s commitment to research and development and strong partnerships with universities. South Carolina provides an excellent climate and highly-skilled workforce, and we are pleased to expand our presence here.” – Charles River Labs Corporate, Senior Vice President Foster Jordan

“This is an exciting time of unprecedented discovery in our industry, and NCGS is proud that our success will translate into growth for our beloved Lowcountry community. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism and support we received from Charleston County Economic Development. The financial incentives offered by the County will allow us to continue expanding and succeeding, while creating new jobs within our community.” – Nancy C.G. Snowden, CEO, NCGS, Inc.