Hubner Manufacturing harnesses the sun to generate clean renewable energy

March 31, 2017

Mount Pleasant, SC – Hubner Manufacturing Corporation has just begun generating clean renewable energy at their facility in Mount Pleasant, SC. At a ceremony held on March 31st, 2017, CEO of Hubner, Ron Paquette, flipped the switch to unveil the new 918 kilowatt solar PV system. The system was designed and installed by Hannah Solar Government Services (HSGS).

Consisting of 2,700 solar panels, Hubner’s system is recognized as the largest roof-mounted system in South Carolina Electric & Gas’s Distributed Energy Resource program, and the largest solar PV system ever constructed in the town of Mount Pleasant. The system is expected to generate1,221,770 kilowatt hours of electricity in the first year,  enough energy to power 113 homes.

The HÜBNER Group develops solutions for the transportation industry. Their products are used in rail vehicles and buses as well as in airport technology and the automobile industry. The company is also active in the fields of medical technology, life quality, terahertz technology, and photonics as well as high frequency applications.

Ron Paquette stated, “The Hubner Group is recognized as a world-wide leader in advocating corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility. This was our mission in considering solar technology for our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina facility. We are now reaping the benefits of our investment and thank HSGS for helping us fulfill our mission to generate clean, renewable energy.”

HSGS is a veteran-owned business specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar PV energy systems. Serving the government, commercial/industrial, and utility marketplaces, HSGS’s breadth of experience includes projects that span the continental United States as well as overseas.

COL Retired Dave McNeil, President and CEO of HSGS, said “Hannah Solar Government Services is proud to be a part of Hubner’s investment in solar energy. The team at Hubner has set the standard for how businesses in South Carolina can advance their operation through solar energy generation.”

John Raftery, the General Manager of Renewable Products/Services and Energy Demand Management at SCE&G, noted that “This project is a good example of how our solar incentive program can really work for the right installer and the right customer. Hannah Solar Government Services and Hubner Manufacturing were the perfect partners for SCE&G.”

Mayor Linda Page of the Town of Mount Pleasant also spoke at the ceremony and stated, “Mount Pleasant is extremely blessed to have such progressive companies, like Hubner, in our own community.”

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