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For Site Selectors

Charleston, S.C., is a mid-tier community of around 800,000 persons located on the South Atlantic coast halfway between New York and Miami. Our anchor city of Charleston was founded in 1670 and became known as an international trade center as early as the colonial era. Charleston made a different type of history in 2009 when The Boeing Company chose the area to host the second 787 Dreamliner final assembly facility. Fast forward to 2015, and the Charleston region landed two automotive OEMs – including Mercedes Benz (Sprinter), and Volvo Cars.

Our economy is “humming on all cylinders” today, driven by Boeing, the car makers, tourism, international trade in the same world-class harbor, along with advanced manufacturing, intermodal logistics, medical research & development, and military and defense enterprises, and a burgeoning information technology sector. Our workforce is growing at twice the national rate and is increasingly characterized by in-migrating younger, highly educated workers.

Like our residents, they are lured by the beautiful landscape, the mild year-round climate, the architectural elegance, the incredible cuisine, and the world-class quality of life the area has to offer. Alongside our renowned workforce and quality of life are all of the essential business elements, including a modern seaport that serves worldwide ports of call, great inland access via rail and interstate highway networks, an airport with numerous direct flights to major business hubs, and a pro-business philosophy that is unsurpassed.

In the Charleston market, your job as a site consultant becomes very easy as three counties and a regional economic development agency join forces with the S.C. Department of Commerce to seamlessly support a business relocation.

Please use our website as a reference tool to learn more about the Charleston MSA, including demographic and workforce statistics, the most recent economic performance data, information on the Port and Airport; and details on our growing automotive, aerospace, and information technology sectors.

To learn more, contact Executive Director Steve Dykes or Recruitment Project Manager Gene Borzendowski.