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Quality of Life

Sunny with a high of 75

Nestled alongside the Ashley and Cooper rivers as they flow into the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston enjoys a subtropical climate—with mild winters and warm, sunny summers. On average, July is our warmest month, January is our coldest, and August gets the most rainfall.


Living in Charleston County has numerous benefits

Residential Lifestyle

From grand, historic homes to sleek condominiums outfitted with the latest amenities, there’s a comfortable home for every taste. Wake up to the beach, the golf course, a sustainable community, or a downtown view. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be steeped in history and surrounded by carefully maintained beauty—because that’s Charleston: comfortable, beautiful, historic.

Arts, Culture & History

Home of the Civil War’s first shot, a naval and maritime museum, antebellum mansions, historic forts, interesting museums, and cozy art galleries, Charleston is the perfect home base for art-lovers and history-buffs. Everywhere you turn, there’s something cultural, artistic, or historic.

Charleston is one big playground

Imagine yourself in Charleston: walking through a lush, well-maintained park, kayaking on the rivers, golfing on one of our world-renowned courses, or hanging out at the beach with the kids. Whatever you love to do in your free time—we’ve got it.