Charleston County Economic Development Brand Launch

January 28, 2021

Charleston County Economic Development released their new look and brand during the 2021 Industry Appreciation event held virtually on January 28th. 

When building a new brand and logo, the steps taken forth are critical. It started with a conversation around who and what Charleston County Economic Development really was and is, leading to dozens of drafts,  conversations, and edits. Throughout the process of defining the strengths and weaknesses, this further developed the brand in a way that we begin to see the shape of today. Charleston County Economic Development is more than just economic development, it is helping to define our culture, how the stories of the past and present collide, and how we use these intertwined pieces to shape a global economy. Through a process with many reviews, stakeholders, and conversations, we see the brand presented today, this brand speaks to partnership, a global future, and further development of this great county. 

“The strong linear Double C (CC) in the logo represents the strength of Charleston County’s economic development. The strength of each C represents the uniqueness of Charleston’s communities and economy. Nearly intertwined, but uniquely their own, each ‘C’ has a critical role in promoting the growth of the overall region. Charleston County Economic Development is in the unique position to bring regional stakeholders together in a harmonious fashion for the forward advancement of the region. As a true partnership, the organization is moving everyone forward while Shaping Charleston’s Global Future.”


View the YouTube video for the brand launch: